What Is A Business Automation Service And Which One Is Going To Dominate 2021 And Beyond? HINT: It’s NOT Amazon or Walmart.


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NEW YORK – When it comes to Business Automation services, there are a countless amount to list off. The main ones often spoken about are Amazon Automation, Walmart Automation, Ecom Automation and Shopify Automation.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts…

Q: “What is a business automation service?”

A: It is a service offered by a company, in exchange for money, whereby you are set up a completely hands-off business that is run for you, either for a certain period of time or on a continuous basis with a profit share.

What do they all have in common?

  1. You have hundreds of sketchy providers to pick from.
  2. You have to sell thousands of products to make serious cash ($10,000+ per month).

And in our opinion, none of them really have that “safe cash investment” feeling.

Now, you might be saying, “Get real guys, these are billion/trillion-dollar companies. John told me that 70% of the sellers on these marketplaces are people just like me. He told me there’ll be haters. I’m going to be rich!”

But before you start giving us a thrashing, just hear us out.

(And even if you don’t completely understand what we’re talking about, just hear us out).

It’ll be worth it, we promise.

You see, while these business models were good in the past. They’ve become insanely saturated.

Since January 1, 2017, over 3.5 million sellers have joined Amazon, to sell products just like the ones you’re going to. That’s almost 2,500 new sellers joining every single day for 4 years.

Walmart is seeing similar growth numbers in the time they’ve opened their platform to public sellers.

And let’s not forget the ever so great ecommerce industry as a whole – there are thousands of people starting their own stores every single day.

Why would you want to try and standout and compete with all that noise, when you could simply get involved with a business/industry that deals with high paying clients, high profit margins and high reward?

Digital Marketing – Facebook Ads management, Google Ads management, SEO, SEM, web design, content strategy and creation, and much more.

We know the first thing you probably thought is, “they made me read all that for this?

Well “this” digital marketing thing is not what it used to be.

In the past, the businesses providing these digital marketing were far and few between.

Then in the last few years, this industry became super saturated with wannabes, fakes and has-beens.

But now, after all the dust has settled and the noise has silenced, we’re in a place where people can make a lot of money, while all those wannabes have gone onto ‘the next big thing’ (which doesn’t exist more than this).

Here are 5 truly amazing reasons why you should strongly consider an Agency Automation offer and why Automaters is the best pick (aka the pioneer).

1 – Done-For-You

As with all Automation offers, after a setting up a few simple things the service provider begins the process of what is necessary to set up everything else on the backend, the foundation and for pushing the business live.

The cool thing about working with Automaters, and our Agency Automation service, is that there are not even more than a few simple tasks to complete and we provide step-by-step breakdowns with pictures. So, you won’t get tripped up along the way.

Then we’ll go about naming your agency, getting the professional logo and branding created, building out a funnel/website, getting you into their lead distribution and then enrolling actual business clients into your agency!

How cool is that? It’s genuinely a Done-For-You service.

You don’t need to do any advertising, you don’t need to take any phone calls, you don’t figure out the tech, or how to take payments and you definitely don’t need to make sure the clients are satisfied with their marketing because we (Automaters) handles it all.

2 – How much does it pay?

Automaters used to run a digital agency, before branching off as a business development agency. And these are the numbers we used to see for our own agency and are currently seeing for many of our current/past Agency Automation clients.

Clients for digital agency, Automaters, pay us between $2,500 to $7,500 per month to manage their Facebook Ads marketing and appointment setting.

We can many times guarantee results for our clients thanks to an amazing team of white labelers.

White labelers are agencies that do not search directly for their own clients, instead they partner with other client facing agencies and provide the fulfillment for them, so they can focus on growth rather than expansion.

Now that we’ve cleared that up… let’s get onto the numbers.

Let’s use the lowly $2,500/m number to start.

We usually charge on a per lead basis. In this case let’s say we charge Henry $2,500 for 50 leads who are interested in buying a house, in the area(s) he likes to work in.

Now let’s break down what fees come out of that $2,500.

These fees are per client. No clients no fees. Less clients less fees. More clients more fees.

15% goes to the commission-based closer. One time.

$2,125 left.

$400 goes to the white label partner who takes care of fulfilment. Monthly.

$1,725 left.

We pay our VA’s (virtual assistants) $100 per client they handle. Monthly.

$1,625 left.

Next, you’re probably wondering – “who pays for the 50 leads?”

Great question.

We do. Out of the $2,500.

And we do because we work with in-house white label providers that are able to guarantee results.

So instead of passing on an additional payment burden to the client, we just include it in the cost. Something that mostly everyone doesn’t do because they’re scared of doing it.

How cool is that?

Our internal cost for 50 leads is only $250…

$1,375 left.

Take 25% out for taxes (after your expenses) – if you have the world’s worst accountant and/or no corporation.

You’re left with a cool $1,000.

That’s 40% profit on the $2,500 collected.

We used a bare minimum example to show you how, dare we say it, easy it is to make $1,000/month from one small-time small-town client.

This auto increases to a little over $1,300/month, after the first month, because the commission-based sales closer is paid only one-time.

Now, imagine the sharks we go after, that want 100-500 leads per month and have the budget to pay.

They’re going in your agency.

Imagine the other powerful niches we work in, where we can also offer guaranteed results for the clients?

They’re going in your agency.

Imagine how fast your agency can grow with some power clients and epic profit margins.

After reviewing some statistics online, that are also in-line with what we’re seeing inside of our own client’s agencies, it seems that clients typically stay with well performing agencies for 12-36 months.

So that $1,300/m can easily turn into at least $15,600 AFTER expenses if the client stays for just 12 months.

Potentially increasing all the way up to $46,800.

Just going by statistics.

Again, we can’t stress this enough – this is just from the lowest tier client that’s possible with our agency structure.

Most clients do not pay under $3,000/month, so these numbers are already extremely conservative.

What industries do you work in?

Real Estate – buyers and sellers


Mortgage Brokers



Do I pay these fees you mentioned?

Yes, 100% you do. We will invoice you once or twice a month. Once you take over your agency and continue to grow it, then of course you don’t need to pay us anymore. You’ll pay yourself!”

3 – Is there any proof? Case studies?

This is a question that comes up time and time again, obviously.

So, we reached out to our Client Accounting division at Automaters and they shared the following screenshots with us.

This is example results data from current/past clients.

This client still had time remaining with our service and we were able to get their business paid off well before handoff. On the recurring billing alone, without enrolling any new clients, they would see another $21,500 in gross revenue the following month.

After handing off this business to our client, they had a business that was generating $38,500/m in revenue.

4 – Why is Agency Automation better than the other Automation services?

If everything we’ve shown you so far hasn’t convinced you that Agency Automation is in every way better than its counterparts in the ecommerce niches, then hopefully the following changes your mind.

– you don’t need thousands of customers to make $10,000/month in profit, after taxes.

In fact, you just need 5-7 of the lowest tier clients. And, only 1-3 of the higher tier clients that Automaters is used to seeing.

With Ecommerce you need to sell goods worth over $60,000/month to very barely hit $10,000/month profit- and that’s saying you can manage 15-18% profit margins BEFORE tax. Don’t forget Uncle Sam wants his cut.

Our business model numbers shown above are AFTER estimated tax.

– you don’t need to deal with marketplaces and their politics

Just Google “amazon suspension” and you will be hit with literally millions of search results where people are saying they’ve been suspended, what to do if you’ve been suspended, companies that charge big bucks to get you unsuspended and other negative stuff.

Walmart will soon follow suit once it’s been around for a little longer.

Could you imagine getting banned for absolutely no reason?

It happens. This is not a fake scare tactic. It’s very well documented online and there’s a reason why companies exist to get the suspension removed, whilst charging thousands and thousands of dollars.

– there are no additional growth costs. You don’t need a credit card with a big limit to purchase inventory.

With Amazon/Walmart/Ecom/Shopify Automation you have to use your own revolving debt (credit cards) to grow your business because these platforms don’t pay you right away. It generally takes 2-3 weeks to have the sales money arrive in your account. So, in the meantime, you have to front the purchase orders.

Now what if you get banned in that timeframe and you’ve paid out $30,000 in orders? Who’s going to reimburse you?

Uhm, nobody.

With Agency Automation, Stripe pays you out every 2nd day and Automaters invoices you once or twice a month. We front the cost for you.

How’s that for business growth?

– you don’t need to handle the customer service

– there are no tangible returns and the refund rate is less than 1%

Automaters will handle all of this for you either way.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but when customer’s return items on Amazon and Walmart, they actually show up at your house and you need to deal with that. The same thing with your ecommerce store. Where else are the products going to go? And everybody knows the refund rate is 5-20%.

*this applies if you’re an Automation client of somebody’s.

Why would you even want to be involved with tangible items in the first place?

You’re selling saltshakers, lawn chairs and apple cider vinegar just to have a house full of returns that you don’t even want.

Don’t even us me started on profit margins.

You have to split your net profits with the Automation provider, usually 70/30.

This takes your gross profit margin down to less than 10% after all is said and done.

With Automaters and Agency Automation, there is no profit sharing. We handle everything for you for 6 months and then give you the tools and guidance to carry everything on.

Which is a much safer bet than partnering with a Walmart/Amazon Automation service that is supposedly a lifetime business.

Well, what happens when the company decides they’re retiring.

Or moving onto another project?

Or the venture isn’t fruitful anymore?

How’s that for a *BUYER BEWARE*

And last point, don’t fall for the whole “profit margin” hype. They make 99% of their money by charging you an upfront fee. This is why Automaters does it better than everybody else and instead doesn’t charge you a profit share. Just pay your dues, let us run it for 6 months, and grow it from there.

5 – Why doesn’t Automaters just grow their own agency?

This is a great question.

Automaters used to be a digital marketing agency. After seeing great success, we then transitioned into a business development agency that helps our clients grow their own agencies.

So, for Automaters to grow their agency, we actually need to help clients like you become successful.

And let’s be honest – if we weren’t good at what they do, then we wouldn’t be getting all these amazing and well documented results, would we?

Check out the Automaters homepage, here: https://automaters.com

Book a call with Automaters, here: https://go.automaters.com/book-call

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