The Importance of Bringing Automation Into Your Business Workflow

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The Importance of Bringing Automation Into Your Business Workflow

In today’s world, digital technology has made it possible for us to send and receive critical information in a split second. We can selectively target and reach identified targets for marketing purposes through social media right in the palm of our hands from a little device called a “smart phone.” We can even leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to analyze data that our systems collect to provide us with valuable insight related to everything from customer engagement to internal operations.

With that in mind, it’s absolutely critical that you take advantage of everything that automation has to offer and integrate this technology into your day to day business workflow. In this comprehensive article, we’re going to share 5 reasons for why automation is critical for modern businesses, and we’ll even take a look at a small and simple example to prove it.

Business Process Automation Saves Time

This should go without saying, but we feel compelled to say it anyway – business process automation saves time. Anything that you or your team members don’t have to worry about is going to free them up to handle something more important. For instance, if you have automation software that can handle customer scheduling, then your team members can spend more time conducting outreach or optimizing your services internally.

Business Process Automation Reduces Labor Costs

Depending on what the task might be, there’s a chance that you’re probably paying someone to do it. Business automation can help you reduce your labor costs by negating the need for outsourced hiring. For example, customer intake is a common task that businesses most often outsource or have a dedicated team member to perform it. With business process automation, you can streamline the process and allow an automated software platform do things like send out login information, generate contracts, and so much more.

Business Process Automation Creates More Effective Customer Service

If you don’t have it integrated into your own customer service workflow – you’ve certainly probably used it as a consumer at some point. Customer Service Automation applications typically deal with everything from chatbots that provide troubleshooting support, to telephone bots that help callers solve problems by providing step by step guidelines or by redirecting them to the proper team members for a human to human interaction.

For far too many businesses, they outsource their customer service to call centers, but with business process automation technology, you can simply cut the cost and allow an AI-powered customer service application handle it.

Business Process Automation Provides A Comprehensive Look At Your Business

With business process automation software, you’re essentially opening up a brand new data stream because the AI systems used to power these types of software build off of the data that they collect. You’ll essentially gain a comprehensive look at your entire day to day business workflow in a single, easy to use dashboard. Not only does this provide you with a greater and deeper look into your day to day, but it also provides you with greater control over what’s happening.

You can track performance, allow the AI system to generate predictions, you can manage task reviews, plus so much more. It might not seem like a groundbreaking benefit, but when things begin to add up, you’ll see just how much more efficient your entire operation can – and will – become.

Business Process Automation Improves Your Client Relations

One of the best ways to leverage business process automation technology is to use it to improve your client relations. For instance, suppose you own an eCommerce website or a website where clients and customers can make purchases online. Your automated software will detect return customers and will record when they make a purchase. After several purchase, your system can automatically send out a reward like a coupon or a discount code to ensure that they keep coming back for more.

Remember, in an increasingly competitive world, it’s absolutely critical that you give your business everything it needs to become as efficient and as streamlined as possible. Business process automation technology allows business to cut costs, save time, gain control, and improve customer service / client relations all at the same time – and it does it all without requiring you or your team members to lift a finger.

Here’s What We Mean By Business Process Automation

Now, we’ve mentioned a few situations and scenarios where business process automation would be helpful in improving the day to day efficiency of your business workflow, but here’s a real solution that helps to make that happen.

Zapier, for instance, is a comprehensive business process automation tool that helps to facilitate seamless connections between your critical business processes. For example, let’s suppose that your business has acquired a new client.

In this instance, you would typically have an employee send out their login information, confirm their membership, generate and send them a contract to sign, along with a questionnaire to complete, etc. In other words, there are a number of different actions that your employee would be required to take to onboard this new client – remember, this is just one client.

In terms of business process automation, Zapier can automate all of those processes for you seamlessly – without interruption and without delay. In fact, it’ll even do all of the above faster than your employee, which means that you can attribute more important tasks to your team members, like reaching out to this newly acquired client and connecting with them personally. When used with the right customer outreach strategy, a scenario such as this can work wonders for your customer relations.

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